There are many ways that one person or company can help. As the rescue grows, the needs continue to grow too. We want the quality of care to continue with each new bird, and with your help we know that we can. Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. has a Business Sponsorship program, Friends and Family Plan, Individual Bird Sponsorship program, donation of vehicles and equipment, volunteers, Wish List, and Living Will and Trust as different ways one can help.

Other ways you can help

One Wing Helps Another Wing

This is a fund created by those who would like to help those in need. It is created by donations for those who are in need of assistance in an emergency situation. This fund doesn’t guarantee to pay the entire emergency, but can be used to help. It is created for emergency surgery, or care for a bird if the owner has been ill or had surgery. It is solely created on donations. All candidates must live in Florida, have a vet to testify about the bird's care, and proof that circumstances are only temporary. Also, the applicant must show that they have attempted to obtain Pet Insurance to cover these costs.

A Wing in Need Fee of 200.00

This is a program that helps strictly with the testing of birds that people have surrendered. Often we have people that surrender birds that have never been to the vet, or don't have the financial ability to have their bird tested. These tests help keep all birds in a disease controlled environment, giving them the best health.

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