We offer three types of toys: wood, brain, and noise. Birds need stimulation of their brain as they can become bored fairly easily, which results in behavior challenges. Changing toys weekly is a great practice to get into. We try to give very few plastic toys that can be broken off and chewed. Plastic is not that easily digested for anyone. From time to time, for brain and noise toys we will use playschool toys or other sturdy toys made for infants up to 3 years old.

Interaction time can be spent watching T.V. together, cuddling, or playing peek-a-boo or catch or learning a new word or song. The birds at Wings-Up Bird Rescue, Inc. have a job of passing out treats. They enjoy passing the treats out and getting to see all the other flock members .

If you take your bird out and about with you, let us point out a few safety concerns.

  1. Bird Harnesses are easily chewed and can come off the bird with a tilt of their head.
  2. Immunizations – if you are planning on taking your bird into the public, please check with your Avian vet to see what precautions you should consider.
  3. Wind can carry your bird off of your shoulder for a great distance. We heard of a lady whose bird was carried across a canal once.

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