Please read the article entitled "Feathered Angels - Providing for our birds...once we are not longer able to" by Deborah FA.

One of the best gifts that you can give that will keep giving, is a living will or trust. You may have a special bequest where Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. is the direct beneficiary. This helps contribute to giving your feathered family member a place of stability and security to live out their life as a bird should .

Examples :

Set amount of money, give percent of your estate, or a piece of property.

Residuary Bequest

Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. can receive all, or a portion, of the remainder of your estate after specific bequests are fulfilled.

In case those beneficiaries do not survive you, a contingent bequest will provide a no limit amount through your will.

Contingent Bequest

A contingent request is when you name Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. as the contingent beneficiary to receive all assets if your beneficiaries do not survive you. This is a convenient and easy way to benefit your pet after you have passed.

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