We recommend that you take your bird to get it's wings, talons, and beak trimmed by a veterinarian. Most of the time it is one fee to have all three things done. Also, many pet stores will offer this as a service, but they should not trim the beak, only a vet should do that. Research has shown that it affects the bond with the owner and the bird, once the bird's feathers are clipped by the owner.

Bathing is a natural, healthy activity that not all humans or birds feel comfortable with, but it is needed to stimulate preening and to get rid of the dander and dirt on the feathers. Birds have a higher risk of plucking and chewing when not bathed. We haven't found a specific number of times a bird should be bathed. Usually those that feel comfortable or like it will bathe more often. We suggest at least 5 times in the summer/hotter months, and at least 3-4 times in the winter/cooler months. Remember that during the winter, the bird may need to bathe indoors, which means that you may want to watch for drafts and produce a warmer climate for the bird. We do not bathe our birds after 12 (noon), so they have time to dry fully before going to bed that night.

There are several ways to bathe your bird. During this time it is highly recommended that you supervise your bird.Some will attempt to climb in their water dish in their cage, like Marly. Others will need to be misted by a clean spritz bottle. We do not support the use of any cleansers or sprays on your bird. If you think that you need to, please call your veterinarian for their opinion before doing so. Many of these off-the-shelf products can cause existing problems to worsen and for new problems to start. Clean water is all that is needed to bathe your bird. Please do not use distilled water as this does not provide the minerals that the bird needs.

Don't forget the shower. Remember, the water should be about room temperature, nothing cold and nothing hot. Depending on your bird's experience and attitude about the bathing process, you may need to take small steps when introducing the shower, and to working up the confidence and desire to get soaked by the shower.

Please remember to towel dry your bird well. We do not support using blow dryers or hair dryers as this can produce an odor that can be harmful to the bird. Also, the heat could cause fatal injury. Take a deep breath and try to make the bathing experience fun and creative. Some birds love it, others don't. Bathing your bird is important, try not to stress them out while doing it.

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