Frequestly asked question about our birds.

People surrender birds for various reasons. Many birds will outlive their current owners. Sometimes they surrender due to biting, attacking, financial hardship, stress on the family, health, life changes, noise, or a death.

We can see this as one of the hardest questions, as we see it from the human eye and then from the eyes of the birds. We have received a lot of criticism for this, but must maintain the values of what started this rescue. Some of our birds are friendly, and very sociable and have come from outstanding backgrounds. Others have had trauma and issues and are slowly learning to trust and learn love. We are not an amusement park or zoo, the residents are not used for entertaining. Having visitors causes stress on certain birds when a stranger comes into their environment. We are open to taking certain selected birds for public events and educational purposes. We will also be happy to Facetime with anyone to see the rescue. The birds have two different veterinarians, from different offices that see the birds regularly. We will take certain birds out to public events, schools, and nursing homes, these birds will have met the criteria of not showing stress in these environments.

No upcoming events are scheduled at this time.