As a 501(c)(3) rescue we have limited funding and can only support conservation projects by linking our readers to other websites. We believe that conservation of our earth’s resources, including plants and animals needs to be give consideration. The fascination with parrots has increased due to their beautiful feathers, ability to learn to speak and do tricks. Due to the alarming rate of increase of the earth’s human population and their resultant utilization of the earth’s natural resources, including using pesticides on plants, the natural habitats of birds are being impacted through such things as their food supply, destruction of their habitat through loss of timberland, and impure water supply. This has caused some species to become endangered or even extinct .

Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. advocates the conservation of parrots in their natural habitat and supports the various conservation projects to end trapping and destruction of their habitats.

Exotic birds are often robbed from their nests and smuggled into our country to live in a cage, move from owner to owner, and are often mistreated. As human beings, if we continue to take, one day the earth will be nothing more than cement and technology. Birds are meant to fly and be free. Thinking beyond today, what will the world be like without the macaws, cockatoos and other birds in their natural element. Species will eventually die off due to human greed and the desire to destroy for selfish reasons. Please take a moment to look at one or all of the links provided to see how you can help in the process of conserving the natural habitats and beautiful species.

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