WINGS UP Volunteers Make the Difference

Volunteers are needed to feed, water, clean cages, prepare food and give quality time.

Giving baths to our birds, educating the public, and fund-raising are some of the other task we need help with. We also need help with making toys, building flight cages, and bringing new ideas to Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc.

*** We are looking for a grant writer as well. If you have had experience in writing grants, please call us at 239-810-6851. ****

  • We ask that those who interact with the birds:
  • Be at least 18, have signed a waiver, and fill out our volunteer application
  • Show commitment and responsibility
  • If you are ill please stay home. Just give us a call so other arrangements can be made.
  • There are no hats, glasses, buttons, jewelry, hair barrettes, perfume, makeup or earplugs to be worn when volunteering in or around the birds. There is no guarantee that a bird will not put a hole in your shirt. Some birds also have issues with certain shoes. Please make sure there are no fancy glitter, gems, etc. on your shirts or shoes. Many of them like the pretty shiny things and will try to eat them.
  • Due to some birds having been traumatized in previous homes we are very selective in those who work directly with the birds. Please don’t take this personally. We know the birds and their needs. Our first goal is making the birds as happy as they can be.
Due to the variety of birds that we have, please consider the following before filling out the attached form.

Volunteers will be needed to help :

  • Feed and water birds
  • Clean cages
  • Clean birds
  • Make toys
  • Clerical work
  • Quality time of interaction
  • Build/create structures: such as buildings, aviaries
  • Fund-raising
  • Artist
  • Gardening
  • Grant Writing
  • Networking

Volunteers must be reliable. Our birds are used to routine. Volunteers need to be able to give at least 2-3 hours weekly. We ask that volunteers wear no jewelry, no make up, no perfume. We recommend that you wear old clothes. Volunteers must be 18 or older. Appropriate proof will be asked for.

Working with the birds at Wings Up can be loud, like a rain-forest. Volunteers must consider that they can be bitten at any time. This could lead to a broken bone, cut, or bruise. A waiver must be signed releasing Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. from any and all liability. As a rescue, we never want any of our volunteers to feel uncomfortable. If at anytime you feel there are concerns about any part of your volunteering, please let us know.

There are a variety of training and philosophies on bird care. We ask that while volunteering at Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. that the rescues training and philosophies are practiced when following procedures and routines of the rescue. If you find that your personal safety may be at risk, please inform the nearest board member immediately. You agree that you will refrain from any criticism of any board member, volunteers, or the general public. Please write an email with the problem, date, time and how it was dealt with at the time. The board will decide upon appropriate actions. We value our volunteers.

Volunteers may not accept any animals on behalf of Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc, will not take on any of the responsibilities of a bird(s) accepted by a volunteer without Wings Up approvel.

Volunteers are asked to speak with board members if and when opportunities for educational programs, media, or contracts are presented. Only Board members have the authority to speak for the rescue.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Application

No upcoming events are scheduled at this time.