Sean Gaines, co-founder of Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. is a representative for a local business in the automotive training industry .

Sean has always been an animal lover, from having pets as a child to helping and working with the various exotic animals with sanctuaries throughout the state of Florida over the last 20 plus years.

Sean cares for the birds at the rescue with daily feeding, cleaning and building cages. He also provides the love and attention that the birds crave. He does lots of one-on-one time with individual birds giving them that “I am special” time.

Jennifer Gaines, co-founder of Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. A student at F.G.C.U. where she is working on her Special Education Bachelors degree.

Jennifer has always been fond of animals as a child, but due to allergies always had birds. She connects with them in their ways of communicating.

As a soon to be educator, understanding where the future will be for the birds if we don't contribute to the world in some way is something that Jennifer lives by.

Jennifer cares for the birds at the rescue with assisting in the feedings and cleaning. She provides individual interaction time and group socialization in the flock. When Jennifer has a spare moment she tries to work on the business side of the rescue with education and paperwork.

Sharon Gaines is a retired Executive from a small natural gas utility in Northern New York State. Her background is in business administration , finance, accounting, regulatory, and budgeting.

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