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Wings Up is an analogy for thumbs up. As humans we show our thumb up in the air to give our O.K. that all is good. In the beginning of this lifetime rescue, we came across a Lesser Sulfur Cockatoo, named Buddy.

Buddy Buddy

He was in horrible shape, mean, and afraid. The lady that called us to rescue him shared a very sad story. Buddy’s original owner passed away, and he was then put in a parakeet cage on someone’s back porch and forgotten. Daily we tried to talk to him and pat him through the cage to gain some trust in humans again. When we took him to the vet the first time, we were told that Buddy had chewed .5 -1 cm of his wing bone and his health was in poor condition. Finally, he began to trust and perch and who knows when the last time those two things were successful with Buddy. Buddy now talks, with a few clear words, such as “Wings Up” when he is happy. This is why Wings Up exists, trying to make a bird's life a little better.

Experiences can help teach you what to do again and what not to do. As founders of Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. we did exactly that. We took what we liked and left what we didn’t after twenty years of working with animal sanctuaries.

Our goal is to make the birds that call Wings Up home, feel that all is good. We understand that having to give your feathered friend away can be very emotional for both the human and the bird. We do not judge an owner’s reason for having to surrender their bird.

We are very excited to be in business and are thankful to all those who have helped. We have set up certain guidelines that we will operate by. Our first goal is to try to keep a bird in their current family. We have offered behavior management to some of the public so they could keep their feathered friend. We will not participate in adopting, selling, rehoming, lending, etc. any of our residents. Many of these birds have had little or no stability.

Please consider becoming part of the solution and not part of the problem when adding an exotic bird to your family.


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Starting July 1 and continuing through July 31st Wings Up Bird Rescue, Inc. will be holding three contest for children.



As a courtesy to our troops, when it's time to depart temporarily or on longer assignments, we offer a service whereby we will take in your bird, with their cage and schedule, to be given back upon your return.